The Free version includes almost all of the  features that you will find in the Plus version. 


✅ High quality screen recording

✅ Record up to 15 walkthroughs (5 minutes/recording)

✅ Custom color themes

✅ Custom logo

✅ Embed walkthroughs on other websites

✅ Export walkthroughs as PDF

✅ Download video recordings

Upgrade to PLUS for unlimited recordings and walkthroughs

✅ Choose your recording limits  

✅ Unlimited walkthroughs

✅ Customize your web URL

<blockquote class="embedly-card"><h4><a href="">Step by step guide on how to create tasks in microsoft to-do</a></h4><p>Snackwyze records your screen, then creates interactive HTML walkthroughs automatically. You can instantly share them privately or publish to your unique website.</p></blockquote>
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