Snackwyze is a play on the word "Snack" +  wyze (~ ize -verb) ". It roughly translates to "creating snacks". We help create snackable web content in the form of interactive walkthroughs for easy learning and improved retention.

Walkthroughs are simple step-by-step instructions for a particular task. For example: A product manager can create a simple walkthrough to explain a certain workflow in their software. An engineer can create a walkthrough which can act as an installation guide for their software. Teachers can use walkthroughs to make learning more personal by creating bite-sized lessons for an individual or a group of students.

For some background: Goldfish has a retention span of 9 seconds ! Us humans - merely 8 seconds! Modular, snackable content is the only way forward. Our goal is to make learning easier, crisper and more memorable. Snackwyze is here to make content irresistible for your customers; we hope they will surely bite!